Keyboard & Input Method

Android Mongolian Apps

Android Web Techniques

    Android Mongolian

     We developped one traditional mongolian Type Writer on Android OS devices like Android Tablet and Android Phone. This is the first time to show Unicode Mongolian on Android device.

     Keyboard Layout and Input Method

    Currently, the following Unicode Mongolian input method and keyboard layout is available on iOS.

    ●  ALMAS Traditional Mongolian Input Method and keyboard layout

    We will continue to introduce Unicode Mongolian Input Method and Keyboard Layout more on this site.

     Mongolian Editor and Applications

     The Mongolian Type Writer application from Almas Inc. is the first application on the Android device.

    ●  Mongolian Type Writer

     We will introduce a lot kind of Mongolian Editors or Applications on this site in the future.

     Web Page Techniques

Android device still can not support complex font rendering techniques like OpenType or AAT. We are still not able to show Unicode Mongolian script on the Android browsers.

We will introduce the Mongolian support status of kinds of Android browsers on this site.